Review / second opinion

Out of sight, out of mind often applies to ground engineering problems because it is out of sight and often unknown or not well understood. However, sooner or later in a construction project, when a geotechnical problem occurs, the “out of sight – out of mind” approach comes back to bite hard. Geotechnical risk is the risk to construction work created by ground conditions. It is a key element in any construction project which involves the ground (which is most of them).

A large component of failure costs in construction projects is caused by the lack of knowledge about the subsoil conditions and behaviour at a specific moment in a project. Understanding geotechnical risks and the combination of theoretical background with practical experience is crucial in all geotechnical projects. Despite Geobest’s relative short history, we do have over a 100 years’ combined experience in the geotechnical field.

The 100 years’ experience is gained in a wide range of projects and through cooperation with clients, engineering firms, contractors and research institutes. Like no other, we understand the challenges faced by different parties, irrespective of their role in the construction process. From our wide experience with the design and implementation of geotechnical projects we are able to analyse projects in a short time and give our clients the certainty that the path we have chosen is the right one. The purpose is achieving objectives, in spite of the presence of uncertainties and risks.

Within this framework we deliver following services:

  • Geotechnical quick scans
  • Geotechnical risk assessments
  • In depth design review and second opinions
  • Independent design checks
  • Damage analysis and evaluation related to underground conditions