Environmental impact

Building without any impact on the environment is unfortunately still a utopia. Construction activities will at all times cause noise, vibrations, deformations, etc.

Especially the assessment of vibrations from construction activities is becoming more commonplace as standards and regulations become more developed. Modern construction companies have to take vibrations seriously and often require an independent engineer to complete the assessments. Geobest is able to produce accurate construction site vibration assessments using our in-house modelling capabilities.

Another aspect is the impact of land fill, reclamation, excavation and dewatering works. These construction activities often lead to deformations of the subsoil and may have an impact on nearby structures.

Geobest employees are able to quantify the impact (before the activities), advise about limiting the impact (before and during) or advise about mitigation measures (before, during and after). Our basis is knowledge about (foundation) techniques to be used and its influence on the behaviour of the subsoil.

Within this framework we provide the following services:

  • Vibration analyses and damage assessment
  • Deformation analyses with Finite Element Methods
  • Monitoring
  • Geotechnical risk analyses
  • Site engineering and inspection