Investigation suitablility bottom crash test lighting poles

Commissioned by Hydro Extrusion Drunen b.v. Geobest has conducted research to the properties of very weak peat-like material, that is used to perform crash tests on lighting poles of the client. The tests have been carried out on the test facility of TASS International b.v. in Helmond.

For the purpose of demonstrating the proper functioning of a specific type of lighting pole in which at ground level a shearing mechanism is present in very soft soil several crash tests are foreseen. Therefore Geobest was asked to provide a certain volume of the weakest soil type known (peat). This specific soil was found and commissioned by TASS International b.v. this was brought to her site in Helmond. The party comes from a quarry in Kockengen. The material was excavated at a depth of approx. 0.5 m to 4.0 m below ground level. An environmental research was carried out by a third party. The soil was then placed in the testfacility. The crash test was successful!


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