Sound barrier system Veldhuizen

Holland Scherm, in collaboration with KWS Infra, has completed the realization of a noise barrier along the highway A12 between Utrecht and The Hague, near Utrecht-Veldhuizen. Geobest has provided the geotechnical design for this project and was responsible for the analyses of the monitoring measurements during the construction period of approximately 4 years.

The noise barrier wall is built to the west of the existing noise barrier. The regional road N198 (Veldhuizerweg) divides both the existing and new noise barrier. The noise barrier is further situated between the A12 motorway and the N419. It consists of a 10 meter high embankment over a length of approximately 660 meters. Adjacent to the embankment, the noise barrier is extended by means of a 9 meter high gabion wall.
The conducted soil investigation showed soft to very soft clay and peat layers in the top meters. The compressibility of these layers had a significant impact on the design and construction of the noise barrier.

The project is completed in the first half of 2023.

Geluidwerende voorzieningen Veldhuizen